God Doesn’t Listen To Every Prayer!!!

God doesn’t listen to every prayer! [insert emoji eyes and ears and perplexed face here].

To be honest, it’s not a hard thing to believe, it is actually very easy for one to believe that God doesn’t listen to every prayer if that person has ever prayed and not ‘received’ an answer.

However, I believe that is where the discrepancy resides, in the word ‘listen’. God’s does NOT have selective hearing. He hears EVERYTHING. So the statement must be changed from ‘God doesn’t listen to every prayer” to “God doesn’t answer every prayer”.

This is where the discussion gets interesting. I actually really like discussing this… But I’m not going to do that now.

Just like everything else in the Kingdom, there is a rule and/or a formula to ‘answered’ prayers, not ‘listened’ to prayers, cause those are a given, but ‘answered’ prayers.

Francis Chan so easily points out a few things in agreement with the Jehovah’s Witness’s he was talking with, interpreting their term ‘listen’ and flipping it to ‘answer’:

  • James 1 – If we doubt God won’t listen to us
  • James 4 – f we ask with the wrong motive God won’t listen to us
  • 1 Peter 3 – If we don’t honour our spouses our prayers will be hindered
  • Isaiah 54 – if we don’t care for the poor, even if we fast and pray, He’s not listening
  • 2 Chronicles – if we don’t humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, He wont answer

After this, he goes on to wow them, and wow me… watch and enjoy…


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