Kingdom Politics

“Kingdom Politics as an organisation exists to not be an organisation at all, instead, it exists to be a movement, a platform, a place where we engage, excite, educate and empower people to fully embrace a relationship with the King (forgetting religion), bask in the benefits of living in the kingdom and finally, take up the responsibility of kingdom citizenship.”


What does Kingdom Politics mean?

Kingdom – a country, state, or territory ruled by a ‘KING’ which is his ’DOMain’ and he is sovereign.

Politics (from the Greek politikos, definition – of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people. In essence, how citizenship is run or managed and each person’s responsibility – both King and citizen.

KINGDOM-POLITICS-02-300px-webOur Kingdom Politics

Our King – the Godhead, but in particular – Jesus.
His Domain – the Kingdom of heaven – the intention is for earth to also be His domain and kingdom territory also.

Thus, the church as a body of believers is part of this great Kingdom – our King Christ Jesus and His Domain in which His rule and reign as our leader and all the many benefits attributed to those who are part of the kingdom are fully manifested. The Kingdom is also us, as citizens recognising our responsibility to serve the Kingdom of God by contributing to its growth, development and domain here on earth.



But why? What is the point? Why us? Why Now?

Isaiah 59:19, when the enemy comes in like a flood the Holy Spirit will raise up a standard against him. I believe we are definitely living in a time where the devil is having way too much fun on the earth, his desire to kill, steal and destroy lives is in full effect.
Therefore the standard needs to be raised. Is it only the Holy Spirit who will raise Himself up as the standard? On the contrary, the Holy Spirit will also raise us up: He has to do it through us! We are the hands and feet – He’s the power.

Kingdom RsponsibilityWe shouldn’t be busy praying to God through Jesus to do something in the world, when Jesus said greater works shall you do because I go unto my Father! Jesus has already said we are to do it.

As the famous song states, “the church is marching on and the gates of hell shall not prevail” we are to push back the enemy, we are not on the defence we are on the attack. The church is marching on, walking in a military manner because we are soldiers on a mission… Marching is a verb… It’s a doing word… We are meant to be moving forward, advancing… As kingdom soldiers of light pushing back the darkness.

Romans 8:19 says “the whole world eagerly waits for the sons of God to be revealed” – the world is waiting for us to change the world, to do something, to set a new standard, to fill the void, to fix their hearts, to give meaning to their lives. Who else will the Lord use if not us? Who else will He send if not you and me?

After all, what was Jesus’ mission whilst He was here on earth? – Isaiah 61:1-4

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the broken-hearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, And the day of vengeance of our God; To comfort all who mourn, To console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness, The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” And they shall rebuild the old ruins, They shall raise up the former desolations, And they shall repair the ruined cities, The desolations of many generations.”

Jesus is very mission-minded, “Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work”” John 4:34, isn’t that our mission also? Are we not meant to be about our Father’s business? When Jesus said “and to finish His work”, part of finishing His work was ensuring that He handed over the mission to us. Jesus went to hell, disarmed principalities and powers, made a spectacle of them and in triumph – in the presence of God and all of heaven’s angels watching – said to us “I have the key of heaven and of earth – so therefore go” He gave us the power, He transferred the mission unto us, it’s for us to continue on with His work. That is God’s intention to send us to a lost and dying world (Ephesians 4:7-16).

KP Strategy

The YouTube channel has been created to be a platform for engaging and educating, its pretty much like church, but in video form – we go through a range of topics, themes, messages and questions that are designed in a way to equip the viewers to go out and live their lives out loud.

Bite size bits of encouragement in Meme form (which has its own section on the site) and a range of daily devotionals of varying lengths and themes.

An amalgamation of all Kingdom Politics resources – who we are and what we believe in, daily devotionals, YouTube videos, blog, links to other great resources, Kingdom Politics on the road info, merchandise, ‘come minister here’ contact form and so much more

Lots of people ask me to share with them some of the resources I use to grow and learn… so I’ve done just that..

Sometimes you don’t want to watch anything, sometimes you just want to listen. We will be sharing prayers, full blown messages, mini exhalations, words of encouragement and testimonies plus so much more in the podcast/soundcloud section of this website!

This, is where it all started, daily devotionals! Our range of devotionals will grow, and be based on a number of varying topics.

Iron sharpens iron. Faith cometh by hearing. And the Word brings light to or feet, a lamp to our path and it opens the eyes our of understanding.